Hi! My name is Arnaud, I am a French guy from Normandy with a passion for sushi and Uminono is my sushi concept that I started in 2018.
It all started with private Omakase dinners at home. Since then, the business has grown and I am proud to have amazing people in my team: Remi and Yuki.
We now specialise in premium sushi boxes for take-away and we welcome you at our 6 seats chirashi bar for lunch. 

So what is so special about our boxes? Well, we do our very best to serve the most premium sushi quality. This is take away food but made in our style. 

The team and I strive to elaborate creative and elegant sushi boxes with a touch of modernity. A lot of effort is put into our fish processing: dry aged, marinated or even smoked...  Our difference comes from the extra funky touch on each sushi that you won't find anywhere else.

My vision was always to make a box that you would be proud to offer to a loved one. This is why we put so much effort into the packaging (but food quality should always be the priority).

When you will visit us for lunch, please feel at home. Expect a delicate meal in a decontracted atmosphere.

A few words about me:

I have two passions in life: the ocean and cooking. I grew up in a small town on the coast of Normandy, where I used to spend my free time either at the sea or cooking. At 19 years old, I quit university to realise my childhood dream and become a chef. I joined Paul Bocuse Institute and studied Culinary Arts for 3 years. I built my experience in 5 stars hotel, bistro and Michelin restaurant.

So how a French chef end up doing sushi, you might ask? I always loved eating sushi. When the opportunity arrose, I went to work in a traditional sushi restaurant in Bordeaux where a master sushi chef from Tokyo teached me the basics. What was meant to be a summer job to fill my curiosity became a true passion. I kept self-teaching and practicing sushi at home since 2014 until I felt ready to serve my own customers.

By the way, the name Uminono simply comes from Umi ("sea" in Japanese) and "Nono" (my nickname from family and friends).

So please, call me Nono.