Arnaud, Uminono's chef
I am Arnaud and Uminono is my sushi concept in Melbourne. We do premium sushi boxes with the best seafood from Australia, New-Zealand and Japan.

Uminono started with private Omakase dinners at home 2 years ago. Today, I serve you my seasonal Omakase in a box.

The team and I strive to elaborate creative and elegant sushi boxes with a touch of modernity. A lot of effort is put into our fish processing: fresh, aged, cured, marinated, smoked...  Our difference comes from the extra funky touch on each sushi that you won't find anywhere else. 

We make boxes that you will want to offer and receive as a present.

A few words about me:

I have two passions in life: the ocean and cooking. I grew up in a small town on the coast of Normandy, where I used to spend my free time either at the sea or cooking. At 19 years old, I left an engineering university to realise my childhood dream and become a chef. I joined Paul Bocuse Institute and studied Culinary Arts for 3 years. I built my experience in 5 stars hotel, bistro and Michelin restaurant. Learning sushi was always of high interest and I was lucky to meet a sushi chef from Tokyo. He accepted me in his traditional sushi restaurant in Bordeaux where I learnt all the basics that I now use everyday.

By the way, the name Uminono simply comes from Umi ("sea" in Japanese) and "Nono" (my nickname from family and friends).

So please, call me Nono.