Valentine's Box


Here is something special for Valentine's Day only:

16 pieces of maki:

  • Smoked bug tail, yuzu mayo, cucumber, finger lime & salmon caviar
  • Uni rice (sushi rice generously seasoned with uni, chives and sesame) & otoro (imported from Japan)

12 prices of nigiri:

  • Scampi (NZ) & sesame miso paste
  • Dry aged Ora King salmon,on & our secret sauce
  • Ama ebi (sweet prawn), sesame & chives
  • Zuke bluefin tuna
  • Dry aged imperator & roasted garlic
  • Otoro & smoked curd


  • Hokkaido scallop
  • Dry aged Ora King salmon
  • Otoro
  • Luke bluefin tuna

Every order is freshly prepared just before pick-up to guarantee the best experience.

Served with wasabi, pickled ginger and our soy sauce.

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