Uminono open for lunch as a 6 seats chirashi bar:
Tuesday to Saturday,  12.00pm & 1.30pm.
We exclusively serve chirashi for lunch and there are 3 options:
Signature $45 
Tartare $45
Otoro & Crab $80
A chirashi is a bowl of sushi rice topped with fish and condiments.
(Our sushi boxes are available for take-away only. Pre-order via the website.)
As you know, we are not a traditional sushi place. 
We love to serve great food in a relaxed atmosphere.
Expect to be chatting with us while we prepare your chirashi, ask us many questions and please feel at home! 
Our menu is (very) limited but we intend to offer simple and delicious food made from the best ingredients.

Please note:

We are located inside St Edmonds Cafe, entrance is on St Edmonds rd.

The 12.00pm seating is limited to 1 hour.

Cancellation policy: same day cancellation or no show will be charged $45 per seat.