Uminono is open as a chirashi bar for lunch.
Wednesday to Sunday,  12.00pm & 1.15pm.
Please note that each sitting is limited to 1 hour.
Please book your seat below.
We only serve chirashi for lunch and there are 3 choices:
Original $45 
Salmon $45
Truffle $80
A chirashi is a bowl of sushi rice topped with fish and condiments.
Our sushi boxes are available for take away and pre-order  from the website only.
As you know, we are not a traditional sushi place. 
We love to serve great food in a relaxed atmosphere.
Expect to be chatting with us while we prepare your chirashi in a friendly vibe.
Our menu is limited but we intend to offer simple and delicious food made from the best ingredients.
With only 6 seats, online booking is required.
We are located inside St Edmonds Cafe, entrance is on St Edmonds rd.