The omakase sushi box is our signature at Uminono.

"Omakase" a fine tradition that gives the chef creative freedom and the customer a memorable dining experience.  This is what we do here by serving you the best seafood selection with a touch of creativity in our sushi box. 

Your box includes 22 nigiri and 8 maki:

  • Otoro from Japan
  • Akami tuna & rocket pesto
  • Ora King salmon & secret sauce
  • Aged Hiramasa kingfish, roasted spring onion oil & lime zest
  • Hokkaido scallops & burnt orange
  • Paradise prawn & homemade sesame miso
  • Torched Snapper & prawn oil
  • Alfonsino & roasted garlic
  • Hosomaki, roasted cashews, chives rolls & ikura

Every order is freshly prepared just before pick-up to guarantee the best experience.

Served with wasabi, pickled ginger and our soy sauce. Fish selection may vary according to availability.

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